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" Family is like the branches of a vine. 
Everyone takes different directions, but the roots are always the same."

From the past...

In 1954 Domenico Mazza and Maria Craia, born in the Marche region, decided after many years spent as sharecroppers to buy the Montelupo farm together and move with the whole family to Tuscany.
After a few years they began to cultivate vines and olive trees, being in the production area of the "Gallo Nero", a wine that already had a prestigious image throughout the world.
The farm was carried on by the 4 brothers Mariano, Gino, Giovanni and Adino. the present

For almost 70 years, the Mazza family has passed down the passion and tradition for wine. Three generations have followed each other on this path of love for the land and Chianti
Today's owners, Massimo and Roberto, follow in the footsteps of their father and uncles, passing on the knowledge to continue the family business to their children and grandchildren.
It is entirely family-run, and each component is essential for its continued functioning.
From the care of the land, the vines, the olive trees to the cellar, the wine, the oil, each step is aimed at always having excellent quality products.

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